Academic activity

Lectures and presentations

Meanwhile Dr Fischer held far over 60 lectures and presentations in international and national meetings and congresses

Scientific publications

Evaluation of late results in breast reconstruction by latissimus dorsi flap and prosthesis implantation

I Tarantino, A Banic, T Fischer

Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2006; 117: 1387-1394


Restoration of pinch grip in ulnar nerve paralysis: Extensor carpi radialis longus to adductor pollicis and abductor pollicis longus to first dorsal interosseus tendon transfers

T Fischer, L Nagy, U Buchler

Journal of Hand Surgery (British and European Volume) 2003; 28B: 28-32


Experience in Upper Eyelid Reconstruction With the Cutler-Beard Technique

T Fischer, G Noever, M Langer, E Kammer

Annals of Plastic Surgery 2001; 47: 338-342


Die distal gestielte Suralis-Insellappenplastik zur Defektdeckung an der distalen unteren Extremitat

T Fischer, E Kammer, G Noever

Handchirurgie Mikrochirurgie Plastische Chirurgie 2001; 33: 108-112


The Radio-Radial External Fixator in the Treatment of Fractures of the Distal Radius

T Fischer, P Koch, T Saager, G.N. Kohut

Journal of Hand Surgery (British and European Volume) 1999; 24B: 604-609.