Dr. med. Ivo Bayard

Specialist FMH in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 2021

European Board Certification EBOPRAS in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 2019

My background:

I grew up in Bremgarten near Bern, where I also completed my compulsory schooling. I completed my Matura at the Freies Gymnasium Bern with a focus on biology and chemistry.

Due to my family background, my interest in medicine was aroused at an early age and so I began studying medicine in Bern in 2007 and obtained my doctorate in 2013 after successfully passing the state examination and writing my dissertation. Already during my studies I had contact with surgical subjects and dermatology. I was particularly fascinated by dermatosurgery and surgery of the soft tissues. I was able to deepen this interest during a two-month internship in plastic surgery in Bern. From then on, it was clear to me that I wanted to specialise in plastic surgery. In preparation for my specialist training, I completed the Common Trunk Surgery at the Spitalzentrum Biel (Prof. Dr. med. C. Viehl), including a rotation in the intensive care unit. From 2014, I had the opportunity to specialise as a plastic surgeon at the Inselspital Bern under the direction of Prof. Dr. M. Constantinescu. Here I learned a wide range of plastic surgery. In 2019, I finally passed the specialist examination, conducted by EBORPAS in Brussels and Oxford.

During my training, I also had the opportunity to do further training with Prof. D. Erni, MD, with a focus on aesthetic surgery and breast surgery. As a deputy senior physician, I was able to deepen these skills as part of the Breast Tumour Centre of the Inselspital Bern and through the collaboration with Dr. Stengle from 2020.

Plastic surgery is a fascinating subject that offers surgeons the opportunity to work from head to toe. In addition, there are many points of contact with other disciplines. This regularly leads to collaboration with different disciplines. I value this interdisciplinary exchange very much.

My special interests are aesthetic surgery, breast surgery, but also dermatosurgery and reconstructive surgery.