In our anti-aging treatments we generally deal with the aging of the face, neck, and décolleté. Here you benefit from our many years of experience and the broad range of treatments we offer. This, and a careful examination and analysis of your request, is the basis of an individual and sound consultation. We spare no effort in making the respective treatment steps as pleasant and pain-free as possible!

Naturalness is our top priority.

The process of facial aging comprises four elements:

  1. Color and texture changes of the skin
  2. Wrinkling
  3. Loss of volume
  4. Lowering of the tissue

Depending on the characteristics of these four elements we can already achieve very good results with hyaluronic acids, laser, muscle relaxants (botulinum toxin), and chemical peeling. Given the right conditions, such anti-aging treatments can produce brilliant, even spectacular results – with minimal recovery time and without surgery. Certain problems, however, will still require a surgical treatment.

Natural rejuvenation is the motto – better aging the goal