Medical Peeling

Independently of age, fresh, healthy and firm skin with even pigmentation is everybody's wish. Acne scars, skin discoloration and wrinkles or facial lines can be upsetting and are difficult to treat with cosmetic products alone. This is why we offer medical peels of various strenghts to provide you with your individual treatment option. All the peels can be combined for an optimal result.

Light peeling:
A safe, efficacious and simple peeling, which is repeated four times in weekly intervals. The peeling effect is mildly visible so you can continue your social activities. The repeated application produces a clear result.
Up to three cycles a year are possible.

Moderate peeling:
One application stimulates the generation of new skin cells through the healing process. The peeling effect is strong and produces a redness lasting for about 5 days, which may limit your social activities.
The treatment can be applied no more than once a year.

Strong peeling:
Phenol peels smooth out coarse deep wrinkle around the eyes and nasolabial lines. The treatment limits your social activities for eight days.
The treatment can be applied no more than three times in your life.