Fillertreatment with hyaluronic acid

In a filler treatment volumes of hyaluronic acid are loaded by injection. This substance has been in broad use in esthetic facial treatments since 1996 already. A central element of facial aging is loss of volume and tonus. The youthful face is smooth and supple, the aging face becomes angular and uneven; bony ridges tend to stand out. The tissue becomes displaced and moves downward, the skin thins out and loses its elasticity.

Volume and tonus regeneration have become mainstays in esthetic facial treatments and rejuvenations. Hyaluronic acid products or fat grafts are the substances of choice in such treatments. Hyaluronic acid is an autologous substance of our body tissue. Our body recognizes hyaluron even when synthetically produced, meaning there are no allergic or inflammatory reactions. Hyaluronic acid increases volume, an effect known in lip augmentation, and has a positive effect on skin tonus and elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid: a brilliant product with many applications