Lipofilling / Lipotranplantation

Length of operation Depending on the treatment plan
Anaesthesia General anaesthesia or local anaesthesia
CLINIC-stay Day clinic
Special garment Compression garment 4-6 weeks
Socially acceptable After 4–10 days
Sports After 2–4 weeks
Cost Depending on the treatment plan

An attractive body silhouette - isn't this what we all want?
Lipofilling, or lipografting, is a fascinating modern technique to build aesthetic structural changes in the body. Excess fat tissue is removed from one area of the body and added elsewhere - an actual lipotransplant.
The technique can be combined with liposuction to shape and sculpt the body to produce ore restore attractive contours, particularly in the area of the hip, tummy and buttocks. Lipofilling also works well in breast augmentations to produce a gentle, natural and long-lasting enlargement.
Micro-lipografting procedures are used in the face, e.g. enhance the area of the cheeks.

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