Mommy Makeover

"I am a happy mother, have two wonderful children - and now I want my body back"

Quote from a patient

Becoming a mother - a wonderful event, a wonderful gift - with consequences!

We are often consulted by happy mothers who are unhappy about the traces left by pregnancy. Be it the belly that has lost its tension and shape, or the breast that has lost its fullness and shape through breastfeeding. Other parts of the body, such as the thighs and upper arms, may also have been affected by pregnancy, although less frequently.

The following changes are a topic after pregnancy, here with the respective correction possibilities

Empty breast                                                            Breast augmentation

Hanging breast                                                        Breast lift

Too large breast                                                       Reduction mammaplasty

Loose abdominal skin                                             Abdominoplasty

Rectus Diastasys                                                       Abdominoplasty / Rectus repair

Volume accumulation on abdomen and waist   Liposuction, liposculpture

Labia deformation                                                   Labia corrections

Stretch marks                                                            Treatment with fractional laser

Each woman brings her own personal story, her individual and personal flaws. The correction wishes are just as individual as the correction possibilities. The experience, sensitivity and empathy of the treating surgeon play a decisive role.

In our personal, professional consultation, we will work out a coordinated treatment concept for you in order to give you back the joy of your body.

Plastic surgery is a matter of trust - you are in good hands with us!