Breast augmentation through fat transplantation / lipofilling

Length of operation 1,5 hours
Anaesthesia General anaesthesia
CLINIC-stay Day clinic
Special garment Suspension bra for 6 weeks
Socially acceptable Immediately
Sports After 3-6 weeks
Cost From CHF 8’000.-

Apart from breast augmentation through implants it is possible to surgically enlarge breasts by using the patient’s own fat from other body areas, a technique called lipofilling or fat grafting. In this approach fat is taken from body zones with excess fatty tissue using a special liposuction technique. The harvested fat is processed and reinjected into the breast through micro-cannulas. The tiny fat droplets will grow in and permanently enlarge the volume of the breast as stable, living fat cells. A part of the injected fat, however, will be resorbed over time. The great advantage of a breast augmentation through autologous fat grafting lies in the absence of any foreign bodies. On the other hand, this technique leads to only small to medium size enlargements, nor can it be said precisely how much of the fat injected will actually grow in. Generally speaking, lipofilling will produce an enlargement by half or ideally a full cup size. We often apply this technique in combination with an implant augmentation to even out existing imperfections or to better cover a silicon implant in slim patients.

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