Male breast / gynecomastia

Length of operation 2 hours
Anaesthesia General anaesthesia
CLINIC-stay Day clinic or overnight stay
Special garment Compression belt for 6 weeks
Socially acceptable Immediately
Sports After 3-6 weeks
Cost From CHF 7’000.-

Also men are predisposed to develop breasts. Growth of the male breast tissue can be triggered by various factors, leading to a “male breast” that looks like a female breast in some cases. Understandably, many affected men are looking for a solution. The swelling of the breasts can be fatty or glandular in its origin, which affects the necessary treatment concept. In certain cases simple liposuction will suffice. Often, however, glandular tissue will have to be removed surgically, or the skin may have to be tightened. To exclude an underlying illness it may in some cases be necessary to consult a specialist for hormonal disorders.