Brow Lift

Length of operation 1–2 hours
Anaesthesia Local anaesthesia with oral sedation
CLINIC-stay Day clinic
Socially acceptable After 5-7 days
Sports After 2 weeks
Cost Starting from CHF 4’000.–

A brow ptosis leads to droopy or sagging eyelids, which creates a tired facial expression. This is a typical feature of an aging face. 

A brow lift corrects a brow ptosis by raising the brow. Since also the upper eyelid frequently tends to sag, the surgery is often done in conjunction with an upper eyelid repair. The brow is raised, correcting the age-related sag in the outer brow area. The surgical procedure restores the face to a fresh and youthful appearance, without giving it a “post-surgery” look.

We will advise you thoroughly before the surgery.

Pictures of treatment results you find here