Facelift / Rhitidectomy

Length of operation 2-5 hours, depending on the treatment plan
Anaesthesia General anaesthesia
CLINIC-stay One overnight stay
Socially acceptable after 7–10 days
Sports after 2–4 weeks
Cost Starting from CHF 12’000.–

The aging face is a central topic. We feel active, dynamic, capable – but do not recognize our own youthful self in our mirror image.

In a modern understanding of aesthetics, a young face is not merely free of wrinkles. We seek deeper. A facelift today does not simply imply a tightening of skin, but the reconstruction of a fresher, more youthful appearance through tissue remodeling and a combination of different modern techniques, which we tailor to your needs. The methods used by us are state-of-the-art and aspire to a fresh and natural appearance that does not change who you are – and does not leave you with an artificial “post surgery” look.

Of course we will advise you thoroughly before the surgery.

Surgery is a matter of trust - We are looking forward to welcoming you!