Fillertreatment with hyaluronic acid

The natural aging process of the skin leads to a loss of elasticity and moisture of the particularly delicate facial skin. Crow's feed, frown lines in the forehead, or nasolabia fold areas can become permanent and upsetting. Fillers build volume and fill facial folds, additionally adding moisture in the treated area, rejuvenating the facial appearance. Furthermore, fillers can help reduce scars and creat clear facial contours.
Fillers can be used to sculpt the face or individual areas of the body. A typical area to be treated are the lips, which can be filled to look naturally sensual - a thin upper lip for example can be harmonized with a full lower lip.
We use hyaluronic acid products of leading manufacturers that are absorbable over time and well tolerated. The substance is injected with a very fine needle. Occasional side effects, like small blue spots, can be covered with make-up and disappear after about a week. Prior to the treatment the area can be desensitized with a local anesthetic.